Biography of Mike Richards


Before founding this business, Mike worked for HSBC Bank for 32 years. Managerial roles undertaken include:

  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Commercial Banking Manager

He has been  able to combine all of these practical experiences to form this company supporting small businesses with planning and action which includes; strategy, business review and plans, application and negotiation for finance, management mentoring and guidance to aid business recovery and growth for both existing and start ups. He freely admits that the variety of previous experiences and customers across a spectrum of industries, taught him more about businesses that any textbook or course could ever do.

Mike has a long involvement with Education including:

  • Advisor and Chairman for West Essex Area of Young Enterprise
  • Close project working with schools through HSBC
  • Eight years as Chair of Governors of a Primary School

Mike has a  passion for education in the broadest of sense, and has always worked closely with schools believing in helping to develop life skills as early as possible and to relate these to the business environment. Combining working with schools and businesses helps to ensure freshness of approach to the working world.