Mentoring and Training


The best answers are normally within oneself but can not always been seen. It is very easy to get -Task Orientated- or as you and I know it, -not being able to see the wood from the trees-.

Similarly with staff, they often have the best ideas if only we asked them and they had the courage to challenge us.

Mentoring is about:

  • Getting out of you what is inside you
  • Giving you confidence in your own thought process and ability
  • Getting you to challenge yourself
  • Being a critical friend and discussion partner


The art of training is to have a focused reason to spend time/money on it:

  • Discover the need
  • Identify the gain
  • Find the right media and program to enthuse the individual

That is only the start, for training to be effective it must result in modified practices and continued assessment, which needs to be monitored.

How We Help

We act as business and personal mentors (face to face, formal and informal, by Email and telephone) and will help you develop and deliver training plans.