Other Services

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Website Design and Management

We can offer web site design for small to large sites. What we offer ranges from a small site that acts as a company advertisement or brochure, to a larger Electronic Point of Sale system.

However you website needs to be updated or you can run the risk of showing your customer out of date or incorrect information, because of this we are able to offer a website managing service. Where we can update your companies site so your information stays up-to-date and accurate!

Insurance Needs

Introduction to a number of Banks, finance organisations including venture and investment capital providers.


Mortgages can be a minefield, especially for self-employed or as a director of a company where income streams are not reflected by salary alone.

Whilst the principal director has held mortgage accreditation including being a compliance supervisor, the company now concentrates on assisting clients through working closely with a small network of brokers.

The company holds a full Consumer Credit Licence.