Planning and Finance

How do you know that you have got there if you did not know where you were going to?

The majority of day-to-day businesses have some idea of where they want to go to but get distracted by the day-to-day reaction to changing demands and pressures. The focus can be too much in the business and not enough on the business, a really successful business has a good balance between the two.

  • We will help you to review your business by taking an independent view of your company
  • We will come to an agreed strategy and work with you to develop a plan going forward
  • If finance is required, we will prepare in partnership with you a business plan user friendly for your bank or other lender to increase your chance of a successful application for funds

We have built up a broad network of working relationships with High Street Banks and other finance companies, as well as more specialised introducers to risk capital, venture capital, investment capital and business angels.