Working with Schools

Business and schools are inextricably linked with WORK BASED LEARNING. This is not a new phenomenon as Mike Richards has been working with schools and business colleges through the charity, Young Enterprise, and through personal initiatives with previous employers.

There are many providers with ready-made programs to purchase and have delivered. Our working practice is:

  • Ask the school what it wants
  • Work with the school to develop a tailor made workshop
  • Integrate the workshop into the Curriculum

What we provide

  • Introduction to the concept of business, differentiated towards the target audience (years 7-10)
  • Individual workshops on the principle of business delivered through a business game (years 9-11)
  • Longer term business planning exercises  (years 10-11)
  • 2/3 hour workshops on individual aspects of business/market/sales

What do you want? Ask and we will tell you if we can deliver!